Mission of OBTS

Mission of the Society

The mission of the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society is to enhance the quality and promote the importance of teaching and learning across the management disciplines with a focus on the dynamics within and at the interface of individuals, groups, organizations, and cultures.

The Society recognizes teaching as a noble calling spanning the boundary of art and science; grounded in theory and intellectual creativity; focused on enhancing learning in the classroom and beyond. Management educators connect theory and practice in innovative ways, bridging academic research and organizational application. As scholars, they develop the techniques and evaluate the outcomes of the teaching/learning process. The Society creates a facilitating environment in which educators at all stages of their careers can reaffirm the relational nature of learning and the values essential to the integrity of the learning process. The Society's culture cultivates the values of trust, mutual respect, and personal growth, thus creating a context in which individuals may take risks to develop their own teaching skills and/or create their innovations with others.

The Society takes a leadership role in ensuring that teaching and learning activities receive the institutional appreciation and support they deserve at the student, classroom, and organizational levels. The Society assists in the development and dissemination of teaching and learning resources—best practices, experiential pedagogy, and innovations—through its publications and conferences, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

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